Web Applications Consultancy and Development

With over 20 years of experience in software engineering and web development, I provide consultancy and web development services to international clients helping them establish online businesses or growing existing ones.

Let’s discuss this new idea you have!

Solutions Integration

You have a website, an online store, a CRM or an ERP, a great arsenal of business tools indeed. Is your team busy with manually filling up forms on two systems with the same data? Whether you need to link a form to a ticketing system, obtain automatically generated reports or have a single visual dashboard to check the figures. I am here to make your systems talk!

Let’s cut down those unnecessary redundant costs and help your business focus on productivity.

Digital Marketing

Are you a digital marketing agency? We are in season for another activation campaign. You want to engage your client’s customers with an exhibition or a display room digital interactive kiosk experience, may be collect and forward leads to sales team? An online/offline activation engaging game? Re-usable touch screen applications?

You know your client and I know the technology, let’s sit down and brainstorm!

Online Presence

You just started a business and extremely busy negotiating those terms with suppliers, getting those samples, talking to that potential client and reviewing those contracts. Your business needs its website and social media pages done ASAP with the right look and message communicated across? I hear you!

I will help you get spell proof content, no stretched product photos or broken website. I will get you the right design, help you with the content and deliver on time and for other services I don’t do, I will link you with the right people.

Let’s have a chat!