KameraOne Hub Platform Features

Automated Ingestion

Ingestion of video is the backbone of video content management. KameraOne built its own proprietary workflow automation and transcoding engine (ACE) that provides flexibility of clips ingestion from various sources (Http, SFTP, Dropbox, S3, ..etc) in different video formats and the delivery of transcoded clips as needed. The engine is highly scalable and extensible.

Access and Privileges

Every customer has a separate Contract to handle providers based on specific content rules. Hub processes any syndicated feed or resource location (Atom RSS, SFTP, MRSS or even a Website behind login). Every contract has a fetcher that defines how to communicate with the source to obtain the content.

The contracts can be set fully automatic ingesting clips and directly publishing content to destination or allowing human editors to screen, moderate and modify the content as needed before publishing to destination.

Content Portal

Users are allowed access to content based on individual rules through Portal or via automated delivery via customer tailored syndication feeds. The platform is very flexible in publishing content.

Content Metadata and Syndication

As Metadata are key, we at KameraOne focus on capturing standardized metadata related to clips. Utilization of AI Metadata process decreases user load and delivers the right story for the right audience.

The platform supports exporting access to syndication feeds per customer in virtually any textual or markup list-based format (RSS, MRSS, JSON, NewsML-G2 or a user defined format ..etc). The feeds are especially tailored to customers’ needs. The feed content could be made available based on the consumer’s timezone.