Graduated from Modern Academy for Computer Sciences during 2001. I had already been working as a full-time graphic designer for 2 years during college time until 2001. Joined e-Knowledge; IT Investments daughter company specialized in e-Learning. For 4.5 years at e-Knowledge, working as a multimedia developer developing e-Learning activities, SCORM compliant learning objects, moving to content re-purposing/publishing, was promoted to head of a team of XML editors then Multimedia Division Manager and a Projects Coordinator. During the years 2004 and 2005 I was sent on 3 trips to UK traveling between London and Swansea/Wales to initiate business relationships with new clients.

During the summer of 2006, I moved to Santeon Corp., worked there for 3 years focusing on online TV development and media platforms. Joining the team, I came in as a Senior Actionscript Developer, later on I was a project lead/performing all customer engagement. This time, I was sent to USA – Maryland 5 times and to Vividas (London) once; to ensure a successful project Launch, for on-site development or to provide consultancy on online TV projects.

By the end of 2010, I joined Active Digital Development as a Technical Product Manager, working closely with developers on an online video platform. My role was to provide a road map and the feature set of the product, technical consultation to developers on implementation and communication with third parties. I also developed their video player.

I moved to by 2011 (A subsidiary of Book Depository owned by Amazon) to act as Media and UX Manager; defining the process and workflow for the media team, setting up issue tracking system, version control and media starter kit.

Up to this moment, I continue to work on media, e-Learning and consultancy services/projects with foreign and local customers.

Below are endorsements from former managers and customers:

“Yehia for me was – and still is – the Flash Guru in terms of advanced Action Script programming and XML competency. His passion about Multimedia backed up with his good taste of creating attractive GUI wether by himself or through guiding specialized designers had enabled him to lead all the company’s multimedia projects. In addition to his technical skills, I endorse Yehia also for his highly effective communication skills, project coordination and management capabilities. He did play a pivotal role in communicating with UK based customers in multiple strategic projects we had, where he was a key player in winning customers’ trust by working professionally as one of their own UK based teams. I look forward to work again with Yehia in any future opportunity.”

Ammar Al-Attiyat, Co-Founder & Managing Director, e-Knowledge — February 20, 2009

“Yehia is simply one of the very few who truly don’t joke when it comes to mastering an area of expertise, I believe he is one of the best AS developers in the area and one of the most smart and productive persons I’ve ever worked with. Needless to say, his high spirit and sense of humor made working with him a truly enjoyable experience. I’m so confident recommending Yehia to everyone seeking quality and real results.”

Emad Abou Elgheit, Manager, Creative Design Department, Santeon — May 9, 2009

“Yehia developed our Flash video player and did a tremendous job for us. I would recommend him for any Flash-related project. He delivered an excellent product and was responsive and easy to work with at all times.”

JC Harrington, Founder and CEO at — May 11, 2010

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